Product inspection is critical, but finding space for light pads is always a problem. 

Problem solved with WHK's LiteSure™ Commercial Inspection Light Pads.

Our LiteSure™ pads are portable, high quality, LED inspection pads. They're lightweight, portable light tables for critical medical, biopharmaceutical, electronics and general industrial applications.

Features Not Found Elsewhere. 

  • Cleanroom Ready. All materials are approved for use in Class VII cleanroom environments.  Lightweight, portable and easy to clean.

  • Easy on the Eyes. Our light pads use state-of-the-art LED lighting and project from the perimeter of the panels, not directly at the eyes.  Eye strain is greatly reduced.

  • Low Power, No Heat. Our LED panels use standard 110V electrical power and require about 60% less electricity than standard fluorescent fixtures.  They remain cool to the touch even after a full shift.

  • Super Strong. Our LiteSure inspection pad framing is made of anodized aluminum.  They're super-strong and easy to clean.  

  •  Warranty. All LiteSure™ products come complete with a one-year warranty.

  •  Lux Certified.  Lux illumination is certified to EP 2.9.20, Lux Range 2,000 - 3,750. 

For More Information and Quotes on LiteSure Inspection Light Pads:  Contact customer service at 855-whk-bio1 (855-945-2461) or 727-209-8400 or E-mail Us.